Spare parts of Box Stitching Machine Angular Model – பின் மிஷின்னுடைய  உதிரிபாகங்கள் விலை பட்டியல்

P.No.Parts NameRate
1Axis Pin for Cam248
2Axis Pin feed lever66
3Axis Pin for FS 10288
4Axis Pin for Clincher Lever221
5Back Plate for Straight551
6Black Plate for Angular149
7Block For Screw110
8Brake Plate with Clutch Bolt221
9Bevel Gear for Main Cam Short441
9ABevel Gear for Main Cam BigOrder On Request
10Cutting Knife83
11Cutting Tube 12"x25"88
12Clincher Ram 12"x25"221
13Clincher Ram Angular83
15Cam Plate72
16Clutch Spring221
17Clutch Sleev303
18Clutch Pawl358
19Connecting Link221
20Clincher Cam For Angular
21Clincher Cam For Straight551
22Clincher Lever with Bolt662
23Centre Pin For Spring33
24Clincher Die For Bottom331
25Driver 12"X25"221
26Doom Nut50
27End Plate138
28Ecentric Adjuster331
29Former Driver1103
30Feeder Block551
31Feed Adjusting Screw276
32Feeder Lever (Gum Metal)992
33Feeder Slide Complete606
34Former Roller39
35Fix Die154
36Feed Return Spring66
37Feed Spring Achorage88
38Gripper Block72
39Loop Bar149
40Loop Bar Supporter221
41Lever For Feed72
42Loop Bar Spring66
43Long Screw55
44Locking Spring AS12928
45Locking Spring AS13028
46Locking Handle193
47Motor Pulley132
48Main Cam With Bevel2756
49Pushbar Front Portion386
50Phileduys Nut77
51Roller For Feeder17
52Roller With Screw (71)50
53Roller With Screw (81)50
54Roller For Cut-Off Slide39
55Rebound Bawl221
56Roller FS 13339
57Roller Feed Lever39
58Short Screw44
59Screw for Loop Bar Spring33
60Slider With Nut Roller149
61Spring FS 10117
62Stop Pin For Spring66
63Spring for Cutt-Off-Siide22
64Stand For Wire Spool165
65Treadle Spring83
66Top Stud39
67V-Belt Pulley 9" dia772
68Wire Guide66
69Wire Gripper165
70Wire Guide Spring149
71Wire Holder Spring61
72Wire Spool331